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Reviews of services that pay people to read emails (paid email), use free email accounts, write articles and write reviews. Click on the heading above for an overview.
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Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
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    Site News:

    • Website Verification is online. Look for our verification button on get paid websites. See the verification page for details.
    • Most important of all, for those that don't know, we plan to be the first website to offer an online beverage dispenser (experts are working day and night on the problem, so far things are looking grim but we are committed).

December 28th
  • GomezPeer links have been updated, they're still going strong they just retired the old (Porivo) links. (review here)
  • New paid email, paid signup and paid shopping review: SnapDollars. (review here)
January 12th
  • New Pinecone Research signup links are available! See forum post here.
February 2nd
  • RevenuePilot has decided to cease operations. Review removed.
December 23rd
  • We have removed our review of the paid email company SendEarnings. They are deleting inactive member accounts without warning and provide no way of reinstating the account.

    In addition support is completely unwilling to explain the policy or the rationale behind it. This is a backwards way of dealing with the member community and we can longer recommend this company.
December 15th
  • Milesource has gone offline. Review removed.
December 2nd
  • The Paid Survey review section has been cleaned out and 3 brand new paid survey companies have been added: MindField, Globalnet Panel and Nielsen Homescan. (review here)
June 18th
  • New paid visiting/signing up/email service: AdBux. (review here)
June 16th
  • New online payment service review: AlertPay. (review here)
June 15th
  • StormPay (online payment service) review removed. They have converted entirely to an online auction site. This combined with their long history of questionable actions makes them not worth your time.
May 31st
  • As most of you know, Agloco is offline. We left their review up based on rumors that they were going to get purchased by another party and keep running. It's been long enough now that it's safe to say that isn't going to happen.

    The unpublished reason for Agloco's demise? Both their management and tech team were amazingly inept. It's too bad, the concept could easily have worked. Review removed.
October 29th
  • New online payment service review: Obopay. New members get $10! (review here)
October 20th
  • New paid signup/shopping service... Paid To Share (review here)
September 19th
  • Agloco has announced a new partnership with to provide text ads for their ViewBar. This should greatly increase the amount members earn from surfing with the ViewBar active. (review here)
August 17th
  • We have just had a bit of a clear out in the Generic Paid Email Section. Lots of under-performing programs removed and some newer programs added, most notably to the No Minimum and Low Minimum payout categories. (review here)
August 1st
  • The latest Gomez Peers most wanted list is available. They're looking for users with the following demographics: United States - Dial Up, Germany - Dial Up, United Kingdom - Dial Up, Korea - Dial Up, Mexico - All Speeds, Australia - All Speeds, Netherlands - Dial Up, Singapore - Dial Up and South America - All Speeds. (review here)
  • Various outdated/dead program reviews have been removed from the paid surfing/visiting section. (review here)
June 8th
  • Agloco (paid surfing) has begun the final release of their viewbar software. A bit late but then that's par for the course. So far approximately one third of members have received download notices. Looking good so far. (review here)
March 5th
  • Agloco has announced the expected release date of their paid surfing viewbar for the second half of March. Now is the time to join and get a referral network going. (review here)
January 12th
  • Here's the latest Gomez Peers most wanted list. If you're in one of the following countries, and using the specified internet connection type, you're almost guaranteed activation:

    United States (dial up), Germany (dial up), United Kingdom (dial up), Korea (dial up), Mexico (dial up), Netherlands (dial up), Singapore (dial up) and South America (all connection types).

    More Info: (review here)

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