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Online Payment Services facilitate the transfer of funds and purchase of products via the internet. They are extremely popular (and safe) and you'll probably want to open an account with at least one of the payment services reviewed below. Get Paid companies virtually always use one or more of these as payment options for their members. All companies reviewed here are completely free to join.

PayPal (see review below) is the most popular payment service but their competition has a tendency to be either more creative or more member satisfaction oriented. We recommend using both PayPal and an alternative money transfer service or two.

Online Payments Reviews

Availability: International
PayPal (owned by is the nets most popular online payment service. Members can use it to send/receive money via the web to/from anyone in the world. PayPal can also be used to allow people/businesses to accept credit card and eCheck payments. Money can be withdrawn via check or it can be deposited directly into your checking account. The uses for this service are almost endless. If you're not already a member, become one. PayPal is already well on it's way to becoming the online payment standard. A large number of get paid companies pay their members via PayPal (which costs less and gets payments to members more quickly). All transactions are free for members that don't accept credit card payments. The program is currently available in 190 countries, however only 35 countries have unrestricted use (for more info and a list, click here). Highly recommended. To sign up as a regular member, click here, or click here to sign up as a premier member in order to accept credit cards. Both types of memberships are free.

Referral Program: $100 bonus for merchant referrals. See site for restrictions and details.

Availability: International
AlertPay is the latest PayPal competition. The service is very similar to PayPal but offers slightly lower introductory fees. There are three membership types, all of which are completely free. The account types are only different in terms of available features.

One thing that may set AlertPay appart is that they appear to be more international friendly than PayPal. Time will tell.

Referral Program: Members are paid between $5 and $10 for each active referral.

Availability: International
MoneyBookers is similar to PayPal in many ways. They are more international-centric than PayPal, however and are the first online payment service to be regulated by the FSA. This makes them somewhat more safe, especially in the UK. Fees are very low at 1% with a $.50 cap.

Referral Program: Members are paid 30% for referrals.

Availability: International
OboPay is an online payment service similar to PayPal. Their spin is that the service is very friendly to users who want to send and receive money using their cell phone. All of the usual methods are available as well, however. Definitely looks interesting. Their fees are very low for non micro payments at a flat rate of $0.25 per payment sent. Receiving funds is free. Funds can be added via either credit card or bank account and withdrawn via bank, account, check or with the optional OboPay Mastercard/ATM card.

Referral Program: $5 per referral.

Update: For a limited time new members will get $10 just for joining and using the service!
Availability: International
Warning: This service is no longer recommended and the website was offline last we checked. See notes below.
Update: INTGold is not recommended even if they do come back online as they appear have had problems with the federal government.

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