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Paid Surfing/Visiting
Reviews of services that pay people to be online, display an ad window (paid surfing) or visit websites (paid visiting). Click on the heading for an overview.
Paid Email/Paid Writing
Reviews of services that pay people to read emails (paid email), use free email accounts, write articles and write reviews. Click on the heading above for an overview.
Paid Surveys and Games
Get paid to play online games and/or take surveys. What could be better? Section also reviews sweepstakes and online focus group services.
Online Payments
Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
Website Revenue
Reviews of resources for webmasters. Includes services that help with promotion, website revenue, free traffic and more.
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As you may have noticed, the internet is full of services that pay people to be online in one way or another. People can get paid for virtually everything they do online. Gotta love the internet. The Get Paid to be Online Page is a comprehensive, searchable, directory featuring daily news, reviews, recommendations, ezines, a message forum and a lot more. You'll find overviews of our major review sections and other services below. See each section for more in-depth information. You might also want to try our top ten guide

Paid Surfing and Paid Visiting

Click the arrow above for a general overview of what paid surfing is and how it works.
The original type of incentive marketing, paid surfing companies pay people for visiting websites or for displaying an ad window while online. One company even pays people simply for having their computer connected to the internet, even when they're not in the room. If paid surfing is new to you, click the arrow icon on your upper right for an overview.

Visit the review page for info and ratings to help you can decide which companies you like best.

Paid Email and Paid Writing

To read reviews of the top ten paid email companies (click here)
Paid email is the most pervasive form of incentive marketing. It's really just another kind of paid surfing except the links to click come to your email inbox. One of the simplest ways to earn a little free money. To get to our Paid Email Page click here.

Paid writing and reviewing are less common but are definitely an interesting way to make money. They pay people for... well for writing and reviewing. You can get more info about these here

Paid Surveys And Games

Get paid to play games and take surveys!
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Everyone's favorite, these companies pay people to play games and take online surveys. This section also features occasional reviews of sweepstakes and prize drawing offers.

These kinds of services, paid surveys especially, offer the highest return for the least effort. Here is a link to our Cash/Surveys/Games/Etc. section.

Online Payment Services

Once you've managed to get some free money from the internet you're going to need a way to get it from the internet into your pocketses. You could, of course, wait for a check but that can take weeks.

Instead, use an online payment service which can, among other things, deposit money directly into your checking account. Virtually all get paid type companies use one or more of these to pay their members. Online currency transfer services can also be used to accept credit cards, buy goods and services online (including auctions) and send money back and forth between friends and family. You'll find the reviews here.

Webmaster Programs

Earn free visitors to your website and/or make money with ClickThru
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If you have a web page, you might want to check out our Webmaster section by clicking here. This section contains info on free traffic resources, website income and website promotion (Note: Most of companies in this section don't actually require you to have a webpage instead you can use them to promote your referral links.) Get over 3000 free visitors to your website by signing up with services in this section and learn how to make over $5 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) with your site.


See todays news here.
To find out what's going on in the world of free money, and to get updates about new companies when we review them, check out our daily news page.

You can also visit our message forum

Other Stuff

By the way, you may have noticed that we here at the Get Paid to be Online page enjoy using words like "we" and "our" when referring to ourselves. This may have led you to the conclusion that there are a lot of us here at the Get Paid to be Online page. That conclusion would be mistaken. There is really only two of us (unless you include the dozens of people who send in news, reviews and updates), we just think that it sounds better when we call ourselves "we". We think it will give us more credibility in "your" eyes. Also, we feel it would be unfair not to somehow include all these little six inch tall guys with irish accents that are always running around. Especially later in the night. There's one now.


Referral Tips

A guide to finding our most recommended services in various catagories. Includes a tour through our top ten overall picks.
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Tips to aid you in your just and righteous quest to find, convince and sign up referrals.
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Talk about anything and everything related to getting paid to be online. Questions, answers, thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, obcenities, toaster ovens... it's all good.
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