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Paid Surfing/Visiting
Reviews of services that pay people to be online, display an ad window (paid surfing) or visit websites (paid visiting). Click on the heading for an overview.
Paid Email/Paid Writing
Reviews of services that pay people to read emails (paid email), use free email accounts, write articles and write reviews. Click on the heading above for an overview.
Online Payments
Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
Website Revenue
Reviews of resources for webmasters. Includes services that help with promotion, website revenue, free traffic and more.
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The Paid Games and Paid Surveys Page

Paid Playing :: There are lots of free ways to get paid to play games on the internet. Largely because it's a win/win situation for advertisers and surfers (no pun intended... just playing). This section reviews paid games companies as well as various free online lottery and sweepstakes services.

Paid Surveys :: There are a large, and ever increasing, number of paid survey companies (market research companies that allow members to get paid to take surveys). Much more than we've reviewed here. Panelists are paid both for taking online surveys and for participating in online focus groups. We only review companies that offer free paid surveys. Never join a survey company or service that asks you for money before you can participate. Virtually any service that asks you for money up front is a scam.

Reviews are below. If you know of a good game, sweepstakes or survey company we don't have listed, email us here. Again, we only review companies that are free to participate in.

Paid Games Reviews

Paid Surveys Reviews

CashBreak is paid games at their best. They offer a variety of games to play offering both cash and prizes to winners. They also hold a large number of drawings (prizes range from $5 to $1,000,000). Many games allow members to earn 'coins' while playing games which can be exchanged for entries into daily and weekly drawings for cash and prizes. New members receive a minimum of 600 coins (cash value of somewhere around $.60) to play with when they join and all members can get up to 25 free entries into the drawings each day.
Availability: United States, Canada
Referral Program: New members get 500 game coins for each referral as well as entries into a weekly referral cash drawing, $100,000 if a referral wins the $1,000,000 drawing and $5,000 if a referral wins the $50,000 drawing.
AstroBingo is a very well implemented real money online bingo game. It's surprisingly fun (includes chat) and does not require any downloads. New members get $5 for free to get them started (tickets cost $.25 so that's 20 free tickets). There is a new bingo game online every 3 minutes or so and prizes range from $5 to $50+ each game. There is always a winner. It looks like they're paying out an average of around $2000 a week to bingo players right now (not including the occasional bonus prizes of $1000 and $5000). The referral program pays 5% for direct referrals. Program is international and members are paid either by check or via a credit/bank card. At the very least you'll want to sign up and play with your free $5, there's a good chance you'll win something.
Availability: International
KerClink is a small piece of downloadable free software that sits in your system tray and notifies you of new paid games, coupons and offers that you can participate in to earn money. Members can win cash directly, get entries into sweepstakes as well as win other prizes. It depends on the game or offer. The software is certified spyware and adware free. Available in the US and Canada.
Availability: United States, Canada
WorldWinner members can play a variety of competitive single and multi player games for cash prizes. Pick a game to play and win cash. You can win by playing pretty much any game you can think of in fact. It's available internationally, signup is free and new members get $5 in free cash to play with when they join.
Availability: International
All you need is your email address for a chance to win $1000. Must be 18 years or older to enter.
Availability: International
SurveySavvy launched in late September, 2000. They are, easily, one of the best ways to get paid for surveys on the net. Members get $3 for each online survey completed.
Availability: International
Referral Program: $2 for surveys taken by direct referrals and $1/survey for indirect referrals
Update: Once you've joined, don't forget to fill out the 'profile enhancers'. This will qualify you for more paid surveys.
MySurvey (from NFO World Group) launched in early 2001. They pay members varying amounts for each paid survey taken ranging from $.10 for simple one question surveys, all the way up to $10 for larger surveys. New members get $.25 when they join and are automatically entered into daily drawings for $100 (there is always a winner). Members also get an entry into a $10000 drawing that happens multiple times a year for each survey they complete. $10 minimum payment. One of the best, very frequent surveys.
Availability: United States
Referral Program: Members get $1.50 for each referral.
MindField (re? launched in late 2008) is currently a very active paid survey program which both pays members cash for participating in free surveys and also enters participants in to monthly drawings from high ticket electronics.
Availability: United States
Referral Program: Members are paid $1 in cash for each active referral.
GlobalNet Panel (launched late 2008) awards members either cash or GlobalPoints when they take paid surveys. Points can be converted into gift certificates at 1000's of merchants or into cash once a $20 threshold is reached. Available in the United States and Canada.
Availability: United States, Canada
Homescan is a unique consumer research company that rewards members for using a handheld scanner (provided for free) to scan in barcodes from the products they buy. Participating members earn points which can be exchanged for electronics, gifts, toys, jewelry, etc. from their Gift Catalog. Members also earn entries into monthly sweepstakes for things like vacations and cars.
Availability: United States

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