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Welcome to paid writing (typing actually). Be careful, it's addictive. The reviews are separated into two subcategories. The first type of companies pay people to review virtually all kinds of products, services and websites. The second pay people to write articles on pretty much any topic. All of the services reviewed here pay for referrals but, for most people, the majority of income will come from their own articles or reviews. Any other questions you have should be answered in the reviews below. If not, email us.

Get Paid to Review

Click here to sign up SpiderMetrix is a unique sort of opinion service that doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the rest. Members are paid to take surveys and/or evaluate websites. Small (quickie) surveys pay anywhere from 1-10 points (see below for cash value) and full surveys pay between 20 and 50 points. They also run contest surveys that pay 50, 30 and 20 points to the top three best responses. Points can be converted into cash, online money or used to buy various products at the SM website. The current conversion rate for cash is 1 point = $.08 to $.10 (depending on how many points you cash in at once). The conversion rate for online money is 1 point = $.06 to $.105. Signing up is worth a total of 6 points if you complete your profile and take the trial survey. They pay 1 point for each survey completed by someone you refer and seem to be running a decent amount of surveys. To join click here. (Please enter: getpaid if they ask for the ID of your referrer.)

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Click here to sign up Ciao is a UK consumer information website that reviews just about any type of product or service you can think of, from music to colleges. All of the reviews are done by website visitors. As incentive, they pay members 50p (pence) for every accepted opinion and 10p each time that opinion is read my a member thereafter. They also pay members 10% of the earnings of anyone they refer (referrals still get 100%, of course). New opinions are subject to editorial review. Membership is currently available in Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Click your location to sign up: UK, Europe, Mexico/Brazil, Australia.

Get Paid to Write Articles

Click here to sign up WiseOrb pays members based on the traffic/revenue generated from articles they submit. In other words members receive a percentage of any revenue generated by a submitted article. The fact that they don't disclose the percentage is a little strange as it would seem to imply that they are reserving the right to be overly greedy. There is no other logical reason not to disclose the percentage. Nevertheless this is potentially a great opportunity if you like to write. Note that they accept a variety of submissions including recipes, product reviews, buying guides, columns, virtually anything. The referral program pays 10% for referrals. Again there is a seemingly greedy limitation, however. Commissions on a given referral end after 12 months. Members are paid via PayPal. Worth a try... Join here.

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Click here to sign up MyEssays launched in late November, 2001. Their free service allows members to buy and sell articles and essays of any kind. This is a wonderful thing for those of you who already have essays lying around that aren't being used for anything. There's a good chance that someone out there has some extra cash and an assignment, article or research report due for which your essay would be perfect. The only restriction is that essays you sell are not available anywhere else on the web. This insures that buyers will not be accused of plagiarism. New members get a $5 for signing up and MyEssays pays $1 for each referral and 10% of future purchases. Currently paying in the US only but international members can join and buy or sell essays. They have plans to expand payment to other countries in the future. Sign up here.

Update: Referral program temporarily offline... They plan to reinstate it soon.

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