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October, 2000 News Current News | Archives 

October 31st
  • Happy Holloween! Why are you here? Shouldn't you be getting drunk or eating candy or something? On the other hand, if you happen to be drunk, eating candy and getting paid to be online... WooHoo!
  • AdSavers has overhauled their program and is no longer a 'get paid' type company. The review has been removed.
October 29th
  • New paid email, signing up and shopping company out called Orbica.
    (review here)
  • Brand new paid surfing company out called How2Surf4Cash. (review here)
October 30th
  • Just reviewed a new paid email account company called Email2Win
    (review here)
October 29th
  • New paid email, signing up and shopping company out called Orbica.
    (review here)
  • Brand new paid surfing company out called How2Surf4Cash. (review here)
October 28th
  • Paid surfing/listening program, PayPile, has raised expected rates from $.20/hour to $1/hour. The software release is planned for January, 2001. (review here)
  • VSEN (online stock trading game) lost a large number of member accounts because of a problem with cheating. Most previous members will have to re-sign up. (review here)
  • The 1800Discounts referral program has ended. The review has been removed.
October 26th
  • Just reviewed a UK company called CashClickConcepts that plans to pay for surfing, reading and start paging. International members welcome. (review here)
  • Brand new paid visiting/signing up company out called Clicks4Profit.
    (review here)
October 25th
  • New company out that will pay you $10 to subscribe to their free newsletter. They're called Myths and Facts. (review here)
  • Looks like the CatPile website is down, hopefully for upgrades. (review here)
October 24th
  • The InboxCash (paid email company) referral program is still going. They'll pay members $10 for each referral. Great company. (review here)
  • August checks from Skiddily are on their way and the paid seaching program is now up and running. (review here)
October 23rd
  • New company out called InfoMarkets. Their service is basically the same as InfoRocket. Various nice incentives for referring others. (review here)
  • GetPaid4 has temporarily suspended operations. That's all they've said so far, no info about when/if the pay program will be going back online. Looks like they are having problems moving their ad inventory. (review here)
October 21st
  • New paid start page company just launched. It's called StartPrizes. (review here)
  • Just reviewed a new virtual stock game called VSEN that pays in real cash and is giving away 10% of their company through the referral program. (review here)
October 20th
  • Two older, fairly low end, paid surfing companies: CashSpace and BlueTree are getting ready to attempt paying launch. BlueTree is releasing their paying software to 5000 members a week and claims to be paying right now. CashSpace is still beta testing but plans to launch very soon. Don't expect much from either company but you might want to give them both a second look. (review here)
  • PowerDime is no more as of a few days ago. Previous members will be able to convert their points to AwardMiles from MilesSource. (review here)
October 19th
  • Regular news will be back sometime tomorrow (Pacific time). Sorry for the lapse.
October 14th
  • CashActive is now back online and paying after having some hardware problems. (review here)
  • Shareout has changed their business model and has requested that their review be removed. Bye bye Shareout.
October 13th
  • Not really a whole lot going on in the get paid world today so here is some completely unrelated news... San Diego is truly beautiful this time of year. 75 degrees and the kind of light breeze that makes you feel ever so slightly more alive. It's also causing, as breezes do, the leaves on the trees to flicker in that unexplainably wonderful way.
  • Get paid news coming soon... if not I'll have some news for you about Santana, Everlast and Mexico.
October 11th
  • Newest issue of the ezine is on it's way. See it here.
  • New company out that will pay members to receive phone calls. It's called TelePlusCash. (review here)
  • Just reviewed a new paid surfing company from Hong Kong called NewayCash. (review here)
  • Due to popular demand (David) the FreeInternetIncome review has been updated and put back up. (review here)
  • There are rumors that ePIPO will start paying international members on November 11th. Nothing definite yet. (review here)
October 9th
  • QuikDough has launched. Great program. If you like paid surfing this one's a must. (review here)
  • An older paid surfing company that never really got things going has relaunched as a surf for prizes company and looks very good. They'll be giving away over $1,000,000 a month. It's called BigHourglass. (review here)
  • Just reviewed a new program from the lottery company, CashWiz. It pays for activity on 20 levels of referrals. (review here)
  • PeoplePond (paid email) is running a limited time referral promotion to get ready for their upcoming full launch. Every 500th new member to sign up will get $100 cash and the person who referred them will get $30. (review here)
  • Another new paid surfing company called CyBarCa$h launched today but it doesn't look like they're going to be worth the time it would take Gator to fill out their sign up form.
October 8th
  • OneSRC has finished redesigning their service and is now paying all members. Their referral plan has increased to 5 levels and they plan to launch a paid visiting service, in addition to paid surfing, in the near future. (review here)
  • The WinBe (French paid surfing) review is back. Looks like they are now paying members in France. (review here)
October 7th
  • YellowBubble (UK paid surfing company that recently acquired SharkHunt) has launched. Anyone can use the software but it looks like they're only paying in the UK, and possibly Ireland, right now. (review here)
  • Newer paid survey company, SurveySavvy is running a referral promotion in addition to their regular program... $100 to 20 members who refer 5 or more people. (review here)
  • No news about QuikDough yet. It looks like their server wasn't ready for the scheduled launch yesterday. More info later in the week. (review here)
October 6th
  • The QuikDough launch seems to have been delayed... Check back tomorrow for updates. There's a sign up link in the review but it obviously won't start working until after the launch. (review here)
  •'s Spedia program (not the same as the regular Spedia program) is now paying $1/hour until December, 2000. (review here)
  • Skeno (service that pays members for referrals and surfing plus provides free advertising for webmasters) is running a referral promotion in an attempt to get to their 10,000 members launch goal more quickly. The top three referrers will get their link permanently included in the Skeno software. (review here)
  • mValue (aka SweepSurf) is officially offline.
October 5th
  • CashSurfers most recent rates have internationals making $.14/hour. Much better rates than internationals get from some of the other paid surfing companies. CashSurfers new max hours are 120/month (4/day.) (review here)
  • One of the newer companies, MintMail, is now sending paid email. One of the quickest starts we've seen by a paid email service. (review here)
  • LottoForever is now paying and, from what they've said (and based on current rates), members should be able to make $60 to $120/month without referrals if they're willing to spend a little time every day. Sounds hard to believe but the people that run LottoForever also run another 'get paid' service which has been reliable so far. (review here)
  • ClickDough members check your profile, there were some errors during a database upgrade and info was lost for some members. You need a complete profile in order to be considered a 'premium member' so it's worth the 2 minutes it'll take you. (review here)
  • Surfing2Cash really has decided to file for bankruptcy. (Review removed about a week ago.)
  • Rumor that mValue may be going under in the near future. (No real loss if they do, not much of a company after they ended the paid surfing program anyway.)
October 4th
  • MoneyMessage is now in paying launch. Their instant message software is compatibile with ICQ, AIM and Yahoo instant messenger. They've changed their service around quite a bit and exisiting members will have to download the software and update their account in order to get credit for previous referrals (and enter the referral contest.) Looking good. (review here)
  • ProPay ($10 to sign up and $10/referral) will be discontinuing the $10 referral bonus on October 15th. This makes today a particularly good time to refer some people to the program. (review here)
  • Dollars4Mail (they pay for quite a few things) now offers a PayPal payment option. (review here)
  • The EmailThatCounts review has been updated... They are now sending quite a few paid emails and have launched the auction section fo their site.
    (review here)
October 3rd
  • New paid free offer signup up company out called GetPaidToJoin. They're from the UK and look pretty good so far. (review here)
  • ClickRebates (the ClickDough paid surfing people) are partnering with everyone. If ClickRebates happens to be in the vicinity, don't drop the soap, or they might partner with you too. In November they will be launching a new paid surfing program with No details available yet but you'll find them here when they are.

    ClickRebates is definitely on to something here (paid partnering is the oldest profession after all), you can expect them to be around for a lot longer.
    (review here)

October 2nd
  • PayBar rates are up... Now at $.072/hour. Pretty low but they're reliable and the ad window is small. (review here)
  • Just got the important details on Spedia's partnership with The regular Spedia service and the About.Spedia service are completely seperate. Members can have accounts with both. The bars, sadly, will not run simultaneously. Link in the review. (review here)
  • Rumors that QuikDough will be launching on the 4th. More soon.
October 1st
  • Paid start page, search and more company, Skiddily will be mailing their first round of checks on October 15th. Paid email program coming soon. Right now Skiddily is one of the best all around paying companies out there. Easily the best paid start page service. (review here)

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