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March 14th, 2003 Issue

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The Get Paid to be Online Zine
March 14th, 2002

Welcome to our newsletter. The only ezine on the internet that sincerely thinks you're sexy. Delusion or not, it just can't help itself.

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News and Updates
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Throughout this month, GomezPeer is paying $10 for all new members from Belgium and Switzerland. If that's you, you'll get paid within a month as their payment minimum is only $5.

Join GomezPeer here:

Other news since last issue (newest first):
~HorizonSurfer will be releasing their paid surfing software on April 15th.
~HorizonSurfer under new ownership.
~MySurvey paid out over $5,000,000 in 2002, making them the highest paying paid survey company on the net.
~New company: StormPay. Increasingly popular new payment service.
~New company (sorta): GoZing. Now a very nice paid survey program.
~CashADay (paid email) relaunched with a new design. Now paying $5 to join and $2/referral.
~Money earned at ItPaysTolearn is now spendable only in their online store.
~New company: PCHPoints. Lots of earnings options from Publishers Clearing House.
~Gain2Lead has opted out of Samara.
~VJaysPaidLinks now require members to send them money before they will pay members. Fascinating idea, we thought. Review removed.

Reviews of any companies mentioned above can be found in these sections:


[Top 10 Picks]

MySurvey... Currently the internets most active paid survey company.

ClickThru... Great traffic program for webmasters and high quality paid visiting for non-webmasters. 5 level referral program.

CashBreak... Paid games at their best. Wide variety, $.50/referral.

CashGlow... $.10/hour for chatting and playing games. They've been reliable for over six months and have recently added new cash incentives for playing games.

HTMail... The original paid email company. Still paying, great rates.

GomezPeer... Assuming they accept/activate you, you can, sincerely, get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

StormPay - Online payment system (similar to PayPal) that pays 2.5% for 6 levels of referrals.

SurveySavvy... The best paid survey referral program on the net. Not bad for personal use either.

PCHPoints... Rewards from the well established (if annoying) offline company, Publishers Clearing House.

1Percent... "Alternative" rewards program. In case you were curious, the pipes you can redeem for are designed for TOBACCO. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking otherwise. ;-)

For reviews and links to the above companies, go to the url below and click the Top Ten Guide link:


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Let us savor our folly, man is born to be jolly.

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trouble his senses and baffle his mind.

Leaner or fatter, we cavort and flatter
so let us be joyful, and let us pretend.

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