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Note: Paid Surveys are not a get rich quick scheme. These are established market research companies that are part of a 25 billion dollar industry. In fact you'll find the parent companies of some of the services we review among the largest market research firms in the world.

Social media sites profit from your information, why not cut out the middlemen and get paid directly for sharing your opinions and knowledge? Get paid to answer questions, it's really that easy!

There are all sorts of paid survey companies (see the FAQ to learn more). We only review legitimate opportunities, no scams or shady companies. Also, we only review companies that are free to join. Paid survey services that require a fee are scams.

Note: Many of the reviews on this page have been temporarily removed as we audit some of the older companies to make sure they're still legitimate. Reviews should be coming back online over the coming days.

Paid Survey Reviews

Availablity: International
One of the oldest (launched in 2000), and arguably the best, paid survey company around. SurveySavvy pays up to $10 per survey, with most surveys in the $1 to $5 range. They offer frequent surveys and a number of other research based earning opportunities.
Referral Program: Members are paid $2/survey for referrals and $1/survey for second level referrals. The most generous referral program out there.
Update: Check out their new SavvyConnect program. Get paid monthly for installing an app on your mobile device(s).
Availablity: International
ClixSense offers a variety of earnings options including surveys, paid offers and paid tasks (tasks are quick activities like identifying a sound or drawing a shape). The amount earned for individual surveys and tasks is a little lower than some of their competition but they offer bonuses for completing a certain number of tasks in a given day.
Referral Program: 20-30% for referrals
Availablity: International
InstaGC offers members numerous ways to make money in addition to paid surveys including clicking, shopping, watching videos and receiving phone calls. Payment can be requested via gift cards or directly through options like PayPal or direct deposit. $1 sign up bonus.
Referral Program: $1 per referral and 10% when they earn.
Availablity: International
SwagBucks pays for more than just surveys. Members can also get rewards for shopping, trying offers, watching videos and more. Survey quantity is less than some of the others but they make up for it with more options.
Referral Program: Earn $3 and 10% for life from active referrals.
Availablity: International
PrizeRebel is one of the bigger incentive marketing companies out there with over 5 million members. They offers other paid activities in addition to surveys, including paid videos, paid signups and other paid offers/tasks. Member payments are made via gift cards, PayPal or direct deposit with a low $5 minimum.
Referral Program: 20% for the lifetime of your referrals.
Availablity: International
YouGov is one of the biggest market research companies in the world. For some demographics this translates to a lot of paid surveys. Your mileage may vary. Get 2000 points (about $1.50) for joining and another 2000 points for joining from this site! Note that you won't get the second 2000 point bonus until you've completed 4 surveys so stick with it! By that point you should be halfway to the $15 payout minimum.

YouGov payments are made via gift card. We rarely review these kinds of companies because there are plenty of alternatives that pay in cash. In YouGov's case, though, we decided to include them due to their place in the industry and the easy to use cards ( is one option).

Referral Program: 2000 points for each referral.
Availablity: International
This one is a new addition so we don't have feedback about survey quantity yet, but they do offer about $1.25 for the initial signup survey. Members can request payment (via PayPal) at a low $15 threshold.
Referral Program: 20% on referral earnings, applied to account when referrals request payment. Note that this requirement is lifted after 100 referrals.
Availablity: International
BrandedSurveys is well established and has a decent volume of new surveys. They pay varying amounts per survey, starting at pocket change and going up to around $5.
Referral Program: Members earn between $.50 and $2.00 per referral depending on their member level.
Availablity: International
MyPoints has been around since 2004 and offers regular paid surveys along with other earning opportunities including shopping, offers and rewards for printing and using coupons. Points earned can be redeemed for gift cards at a variety of stores, Amazon included. They do not currently offer a cash redemption option.
Referral Program: 10% for referrals with a cash bonus for referrals who spend $20 in shopping.
Availablity: United States
Springboard is available to US residents only. They offer fairly generous rewards per survey and a variety of cash out options including PayPal and Amazon. However, cashout minimum is $50 so you'll have to be patient.
Referral Program: $2 for each referral that takes a minimum of 2 surveys their first month

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