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Once upon a time, in the ancient internet, there were all sorts of companies that paid people to do things online: paid surfing, paid emails, paid writing, paid fencing. You can't prove paid fencing didn't exist. We can prove we were around back then, which means we have more proofs than you.

Many of those old companies are gone now and so, though was once a huge site with all sorts of articles, reviews, news, relationship advice and buffalo, we've now trimmed to essentially just one review section focused primarily on paid surveys. These days surveys are probably the best way to make some easy cash online. However, some of the companies we review pay members to do things besides taking surveys, including: watching videos, receiving phone calls, shopping, clicking links, signing up for offers and free trials.

You'll be surprised how much some of these companies will pay for a little of your time. Market research is big business.

Read our paid survey FAQ or visit the paid survey reviews page to learn more.

Other Stuff

You may have noticed that we here at the Get Paid to be Online page enjoy using words like "we" and "our" when referring to ourselves. This may have led you to the conclusion that there are a lot of us here at the Get Paid to be Online page. That conclusion would be mistaken. There's often just one of us, rarely more than two (unless you include the dozens of people who sent in news, reviews and updates), we just think that it sounds better when we call ourselves "we". We think it gives us more credibility in "your" eyes. Also, we feel it would be unfair not to somehow include all of these tiny people with irish accents. They are not hallucinations.

This section used to include all sorts of other stuff. Now it doesn't.

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