Pay By Hour (Paid Surfing) Overview
The paid surfing industry was quietly founded in April, 1999 by four guys. They called their company AllAdvantage (now offline). The concept caught on in a big way and there are now almost 100 companies offering to send people big happy checks for the privilege of showing them ads while they surf the internet. The NASDAQ crash that happened in late 2000 put a dent in the paid surfing industry because of reduced spending on internet advertising but things seem to be picking up again.

How does it work?
The concept is simple... Online businesses are constantly looking for new ways to bring visitors to their sites (preferably targeted). Paid surfing companies cut out the middleman and pay internet users directly for viewing ads. This is done using various methods including desktop software, emails containing paid links, paid links located on a website, etc... The idea of clicking links for pennies (or fractions of pennies) may seem like a pain in the ass at first glance... Well, no, it just plain is a pain in the ass at first glance. It starts looking a little better, however, when you find out that earnings from these companies can add up fairly quickly. Things get rosier when you add that the majority of them also pay for the activities of new members a user refers to the program. Still better, virtually all paid surfing companies pay for the surfing time of people that a members referrals refer (indirect referrals) anywhere from 2 to 10 levels deep.

How much can I make?
It's easy to see that anyone can make a little extra money using programs like this. At least enough to pay their internet service bill. Much more if they are able to refer a lot of new members. Some people are making $100's/month. How much you personally end up making depends on how much time you're willing to put into it and how many people you refer/they refer, etc.. Not everyone going to make $100's of dollars every month with just paid surfing programs (see below for info about other free ways to make money). We mention this so you don't get too excited all at once and end up writing us forlorn emails when your computer doesn't actually start shooting money out of the CD-ROM drive. That said, there is free money to be made, even with little to no referrals. With a good amount of referrals, there really isn't a limit to how much you can make. We've talked to surprisingly large number of people that are still making over $500/month (this includes earnings from various kinds of programs).

Who's my daddy?
The Get Paid to be Online Page is your daddy.

More questions?
That should be enough to get you started. Reading through the paid surfing/paid hourly section should answer any other questions you have. If not, feel free to email us at: questions(AT)getpaidtobeonline(DOT)net. You can also post questions/find answers at our: Message Board

What else?
Once you've had a chance to look around the paid surfing pages you'll want to take a look at some of the other categories available from the main page. If it's all a bit too much for you, try our Recommended Services page. A lot of people stop at paid surfing and miss all the other great ways to get free money for doing things you already do on the internet. Many of the other ways to get paid are becoming more popular than paid surfing because of recent changes in the internet advertising industry. (To add our main url to your favorites list for later reference, click here)

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