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Not only are the companies reviewed here a good way to make some extra money via your website, some of them actually have interesting products and services that will make your visitors happy. Of course they might also anger them, you never know with some people. We here at The Get Paid to be Online Page enter a blind rage whenever someone mentions the phrase "food processor". We also have mixed feelings about fondue but our therapist says we're not ready to talk about that yet so we're going to stick with free resources for webmasters.

Affiliate Programs Reviews

Availability: International
ShareASale, with their homey web design, has quietly become one of the largest affiliate intermediaries on the net. A great alternative to Commission Junction.

Referral Program: $1/referral plus $100 for referred merchants.

Availability: International
The net's largest affiliate program intermediary. 1000's of programs including CPM, CPC and CPA.

Referral Program: $2 for each referral.

Free Traffic Reviews

Availability: International
WebmasterQuest is a well designed 1:1 ratio ClickThru type, start page, banner and email exchange with a twist. Members earn 1 visit to their website for each site they visit. Traffic can also be earned and purchased in a variety of other ways. $15 payment minimum.

Referral Program: 10%, 5%, 2%, 1% and 1% for five levels of referrals.

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