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Reviews of services that pay people to be online, display an ad window (paid surfing) or visit websites (paid visiting). Click on the heading for an overview.
Paid Email/Paid Writing
Reviews of services that pay people to read emails (paid email), use free email accounts, write articles and write reviews. Click on the heading above for an overview.
Paid Surveys
Get paid to take surveys. It's that simple, no catch. Answer questions, get paid.
Online Payments
Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
Website Revenue
Reviews of resources for webmasters. Includes services that help with promotion, website revenue, free traffic and more.
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The Recommended Services Page Top Ten Guide  

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This page will help you find the companies, in various categories, that we think are most worth checking out. If the links below aren't enough you can always email us with your questions. You'll find contacts further down the navigation bar on your left.

For a remote control tour of our current top ten most recommended companies in all catagories click here.

Recommended Services:
Section Description Comments
Pay By Hour / Surfing Companies that pay people for surfing, usually by clicking links/visiting websites. You'll find reviews of our top ten most recommended services here. Should be enough to get your started.
Get Paid to Read/Write Companies that pay people to receive email, write articles and write reviews of products, services and websites. For paid email, start with the top ten. If you decide you like the concept, work your way down to the Generic Paid Email Section, where you'll find no shortage of paid email opportunities.
Online Payment Services Companies that handle internet payments. Use them to receive your earnings from the majority of get paid companies. Can't get lost here, we review only a short list of most popular and reliable services.
Paid Surveys And Games Our most popular section, companies that play people to pay games and take surveys. Reviews in this section are loosely ordered from the best downwards and because we only review the good ones you won't find enough to be overwhelming.
Webmaster Programs Here you'll find various programs to increase your website traffic as well as assorted ways to make money with your website. The reviews in this section are divided into various sub-categories. As always, you'll find some of the more interesting companies at the top of each catgory.

If you have any questions feel free to email us.

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