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Paid Email/Paid Writing
Reviews of services that pay people to read emails (paid email), use free email accounts, write articles and write reviews. Click on the heading above for an overview.
Paid Surveys
Get paid to take surveys. It's that simple, no catch. Answer questions, get paid.
Online Payments
Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
Website Revenue
Reviews of resources for webmasters. Includes services that help with promotion, website revenue, free traffic and more.
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Welcome to The Paid Surfing/Paid Visiting Section

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The companies reviewed in this section will pay you to surf the internet in various ways. Some pay no matter what you're doing, as long as you run their ad window. These kinds of services are usually called paid surfing, paid to surf or paid visiting. You will find short reviews and ratings so that you can decide which service(s) you like the best. If you're new to paid surfing you might want to click here for a brief overview.

The concept originally caught on like crazy and, for a while, there were more paid surfing companies than even something as large as the internet could support. A lot of the lower end companies (and some of the less bright high end ones) have gone offline. That's ok, though, it means more free money from the ones that have survived.

We here at The Get Paid to be Online Page are aware that money is not whatsoever important in the overall scheme of things. Unfortunately, we are also aware that you can exchange it for all kinds of interesting things (your own private herd of bison, for instance.) So we're more than happy to let the services described on these pages send us checks if they want to.

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