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Reviews of services that pay people to be online, display an ad window (paid surfing) or visit websites (paid visiting). Click on the heading for an overview.
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Get paid to play online games and/or take surveys. What could be better? Section also reviews sweepstakes and online focus group services.
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Reviews of services that facilitate the transfer of funds over the internet. These are often used by get paid type programs to pay their members. Also popular at online auctions.
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Reviews of resources for webmasters. Includes services that help with promotion, website revenue, free traffic and more.
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Commonly known as paid email, the services reviewed here pay people to read email sent out for/by advertisers. They pay anywhere from $.01 to $5 per e-mail. Most of them also pay people, in one way or another, for emails read by referrals. How many emails a member receives depends on demographics. If you fit into a category that a lot of advertisers are trying to sell to, then you get a lot of emails. Alternatively, if you make 38 cents a day and live in Guam, you won't get a lot of paid emails. That's ok, though, because you don't have much of a nightlife so you won't be needing the extra cash.

Basically this is a way to get paid for some of the junk mail that you're inevitably going to be getting anyway. They're great services because, unlike the pay to surf programs, you don't have to actively do anything. You just get occasional emails with paid links. If you decide to sign up for a lot of them you might want to open a seperate email account devoted to these programs.

Paid Email Reviews

Availability: International
HTMail has been online since 1997 and was the first company to start paying members cash for reading emails. They are a well run and trustworthy company. Members are paid $.01/email for visiting the advertisers site and an additional $.09 for filling out a feedback form. This makes HTMail the highest paying paid email company on the net as long as you remember to fill out the feedback forms. HTMail also offers a program that pays members $.05 for each snail mail (regular postal mail) they receive. This program is optional and is available to all paid email members. Payments are made quarterly for all members that reach the $15 minimum. This is easily achievable because of the high rates and fairly frequent emails. HTMail pays via check or PayPal in either US Dollars or UK Pounds.

Referral Program: Members are paid $.05 for each feedback form returned by direct referrals and $.02 for forms returned by referrals of referrals. The snail mail program pays $.01/mail for referrals.

Availability: International
Launched July 10th, 1999 and has been paying reliably ever since. These guys pay $.03 for each email a member receives. In addition, they pay new members $5 to sign up. In case there was in doubt, this is very generous. They are sending a good quantity of paid email for .05 company. Payment minimum is $20.

Referral Program: $.01 for emails received by referrals as well as a $5 bonus for each active referral.

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